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6 Myths About Home Plumbing That Are Costing You

You know you should have your pipes checked when an undeniable emergency arises, but you probably pay little attention to your plumbing system beyond that. Due to the perpetuation of certain myths, you may be putting your system at risk for developing a host of complicated issues. To ensure your system is functioning properly and avoid being charged exorbitant fees to fix easily preventable issues, here are the most common home plumbing myths:

  1. The Myth: A leaking faucet is not really a concern.

The Truth: The most troublesome home plumbing myth, this can cost you enough wasted water every year to account for approximately 270 loads of laundry. Because leaking faucets occur often and can easily fade into the background, many people avoid getting them fixed as soon as they should. However, it is necessary to take care of a leaky faucet right away to prevent water waste, and such a simple fix can save you around 10 percent on your water bill.

  1. The Myth: Products labeled as flushable do not cause issues with my plumbing system.

The Truth: “Flushable” products are not as safe as their companies would like you to believe and actually are the most frequent cause of drain blockages. Even if labeled as flushable, products like baby wipes, feminine hygiene products, and others belong in the trash, not your plumbing system.

  1. The Myth: Bleach is not harmful to your toilet.

The Truth: If you use bleach cleaning tablets to disinfect your toilet, you must clean up all the bleach residue within 10 minutes after applying it to the toilet. Over time, bleach degrades the parts of your toilet and can result in extensive corrosion that will require help from a professional plumber and an expensive service bill.

  1. The Myth: Placing a brick in your toilet tank helps conserve water.

The Truth: No one knows the origins of this myth, but this advice is patently false. However, many effective methods do exist for conserving water and reducing your water bill, such as fixing leaky faucets, using water-saver flush settings, and attaching a modern low-flow showerhead.

  1. The Myth: Adding boiling water to grease helps it to go down the drain.

The Truth: Grease never belongs in your plumbing system in any form, and putting this fatty substance down your drain will always result in costly problems. Whether you dump it down the sink or the toilet, boiling water doesn’t alleviate this issue. If you use a garbage disposal, running cold water is much more effective as it solidifies the grease into more easily manageable chunks that are less likely to clog your pipes.

  1. The Myth: Most plumbing issues can be fixed on your own.

The Truth: It might be tempting to save money with a DIY fix, but the truth is that most issues require the skills and resources of a professional plumber. Seeking help from an expert ensures your problem can be fixed right away while trying to control a serious issue on your own will likely end up making it much worse and more expensive to fix.

Now that we have set the record straight on some of the most common plumbing myths, you can avoid doing serious damage to your plumbing system from this misinformation. If you have any plumbing issues that need attention, request an estimate from Mr. Rooter Sacramento, or call us at (916) 621-5399.

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