It used to be the only way to access the underground portion of your plumbing system was to have a professional plumbing service come out with a backhoe and dig large trenches all throughout your yard. And, if the problem was in a section of pipe that was under your driveway or patio - then the digging had to happen there as well. The result was several days of disruption, significant expense, and a driveway, patio, lawn, and deck that needed replacing or repair.

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How Does Trenchless Sewer Line Repair Work?

Obviously, having trenches dug through your driveway adds stress to the already difficult situation of a sewer line malfunction. At Mr. Rooter in Aptos, we are committed to providing our clients with the latest technology available. Trenchless sewer line repair is a great way to efficiently deal with a terrible situation, without adding to it. Having your system diagnosed and repaired, without risking damage to your yard, driveway, patio, or deck will reduce the cost of the project, the time it takes to complete it, and the overall disruption.

A couple of ways that trenchless sewer line repair benefits you are:

  • You will save money on the project overall because you will not need to have your landscape repaired. Plus, a trenchless job usually reduces the amount of time it takes for the repair because there is no need to dig
  • A trenchless sewer line approach provides same long-lasting repairs as a traditional sewer line repair approach

If your sewer line is showing signs of needing repair or replacement, make sure to contact Mr. Rooter today to discuss our trenchless sewer line repair options. Our team is committed to making sure that your plumbing repair experience is as simple and as stress-free as possible, and trenchless sewer line repair is just one of the ways that we do that.

Are My Pipes Suited To A Trenchless Repair?

Our team offers two basics types of sewer line repair using a trenchless approach.

  • Pipe relining. When your pipes have become cracked or have shifted in the Earth, a pipe relining might be the best trenchless sewer line repair option for you. In this process, we run a long piece of rolled up material into your damaged pipe, and put a balloon material inside of that. Next, the balloon is inflated and that expands the rolled up material until it adheres to the inside walls of the pipe. Once the material touches the inside walls of the pipe, it begins to form a seal that is impenetrable. You are left with a firmly sealed pipe that will last for years to come.
  • Pipe Bursting. If your pipe is too damaged and pipe relining is not an option, then we offer pipe bursting. In this process, we run a new section of pipe inside of the old, damaged pipe and break down the old pipe to make room.

Both pipe relining and pipe bursting are considered non-invasive methods, and are done as trenchless sewer line repairs. The great thing about pipe relining and pipe bursting are that they provide you with the same level of quality sewer line pipe repair - without the extra damage of digging.

Mr. Rooter in Aptos is committed to making sure that our clients have the best possible experience working with us. That is why we have obtained the specialized training and equipment to offer trenchless sewer line repair services.

If you are in need of sewer line repair services and you are curious about a trenchless approach - give us a call today! Our team is happy to answer any questions that you have about trenchless sewer line repair, and whether it is a good fit for your situation.

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