For used water to get carried away from your home and to a water treatment plant, you need to have a properly working underground plumbing system.

The section of pipe that is buried underground outside of your home contains the sewer line, which is the portion of your system that carries the used water to the treatment plant.

Not only is this section of your plumbing system vulnerable to clogs but, it is also vulnerable to the outside elements. Things like extreme temperatures, tree roots, and heavy rain can all cause damage to your sewer line.

It used to be, the only way to access your sewer line was to have a professional plumber come in with a backhoe and dig large trenches above the length of the pipe to find the damaged section. This exploration did the job as far as locating the problem and implementing a solution, but, it also caused a lot of additional damage.

With the digging method, after the sewer line repairs were completed, the homeowner was left with a destroyed lawn, patio, deck, and sometimes even driveway. All of this destruction required additional cost and time to repair and put back together.

 Mr. Rooter employee fixing a plumbing line with a wrench.

How Has Does A Trenchless Sewer Line Repair Help?

Mr. Rooter of Boulder Creek understands how stressful a sewer line malfunction can be, and we believe that the repair should not add to the problem.

That is why we are proud to have obtained the equipment and the specialized training necessary to offer our clients a trenchless sewer line repair approach. With trenchless technology - we can provide you with outstanding sewer line repair services, without digging.

  • Pipe relining. If your sewer line is cracked or leaking, then pipe relining might be the perfect solution! We will insert a flat piece of material inside of the damaged pipe and inflate it using air. Once the material is inflated to the full diameter of the pipe, it will adhere to the pipe walls, create a seal, and once it is dry, you will be left with a perfectly repair pipe.
  • Pipe bursting. When your sewer lines are too damaged for pipe relining, we can offer you pipe bursting. This is the trenchless sewer line repair method that replaces the entire section of damaged pipe, and leaves you with a brand new piece.

Trenchless sewer line repair is perfect for the homeowner who is dealing with the stress of a sewer line malfunction - and, doesn’t want to worry about the expense or the added time of fixing any part of landscape that is destroyed in the repair process.

Call Mr. Rooter of Boulder Creek today if your sewer line is showing signs of needing repair. We can discuss the circumstances of your situation and decide if a trenchless approach is the best fit.

For more than 40 years, the Mr. Rooter name has been synonymous with honest and valuable plumbing support - and, we are committed to maintaining that reputation for another 40-years. You can count on each member of our team to provide you with exceptional customer care and superior trenchless sewer line repair service.

Don’t hesitate to call us today. We never charge extra for service calls made after hours - and, we are available 24-hours a day, 7-days a week for all of your trenchless sewer line repair needs!

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