Water Heater Installation in Wesley Chapel, FL

The Benefits of Installing a New Water Heater

It’s easy to take for granted the fact that your home has hot water on tap at a moment’s notice. Your water heater constantly supplies your home with warm water. If you have an aging water heater, it could be causing you more problems than you realize. As a water heater becomes outdated, it uses more energy, is more susceptible to failure, and can even become dangerous. Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Wesley Chapel offers water heater installation services in Wesley Chapel, Florida. We can help you decide if it’s time to upgrade your water heater to something safer or more energy efficient. Learn more about our water heater installation services.

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The Two Main Types of Water Heaters

While water heaters come in many different configurations and designs, there are two main types: Electric and gas. Inside your water heater, there is a burner that heats the rest of the tank. The two types of water heaters are separated by their source of heat. However, the pros and cons are a little bit more complicated than that. The things you should consider when installing these two types of water heaters include:

  • Electric Water Heaters – These are the most energy-efficient water heaters if reducing your environmental impact is a priority. They use an electric heating element, which means no noxious fumes. Tankless water heater installation like this can be performed without any venting.
  • Gas Water Heaters – Gas-powered water heaters have a pilot burner underneath them fueled by a gas line. Venting is essential for gas water heaters. While electric water heaters are more energy efficient, the cost of electricity often means that gas water heaters are less expensive to run.

When It’s Time to Replace Your Water Heater

Water heaters can last up to 20 years if well maintained, but many problems can arise earlier than that, from corrosion to leaking. The last thing you want is to need water heater installation services at an unexpected moment. The disruption to your budget and your daily life can be more of a strain if it comes about as a surprise. Some of the signs that you need to replace your water heater include:

  • Your water heater is old
  • Your water is rusty or cloudy
  • You don’t have enough hot water
  • It makes unusual noises
  • You notice corrosion on your water heater
  • Your tank is leaking

Understanding the Water Heater Installation Costs

Installing a water heater is a major investment. Your water heater installation costs will differ depending on the type of water heater you want, your home’s configuration, and several other factors. When you first meet with Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Wesley Chapel, we will inspect your house and give you a detailed estimate for your installation. We work on a flat-rate pricing arrangement which means that we don’t charge more if the project takes longer than we expected. One thing you should calculate in the cost of installing a water heater is the money you will save with a newer, more energy-efficient water heater.

Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Wesley Chapel Is Here to Serve You

At Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Wesley Chapel, we are proud to provide high-quality plumbing services to the area. We are the name that homeowners turn to when they need help with a residential plumbing issue, whether they need 24/7 emergency services or a scheduled water heater installation. All our work is backed by the Neighborly Done Right Promise®, which includes a one-year workmanship warranty on all residential water heater replacements. The areas we serve include:

  • Wesley, Chapel, FL
  • Lutz, FL
  • Land O’Lakes, FL
  • Odessa, FL

Request Your Water Heater Installation Estimate Online!

If your water heater isn’t giving you the warm water you need, it’s time to upgrade. Luckily, water heater installation doesn’t have to be a headache when you work with a team of experienced plumbers like Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Wesley Chapel. We have a firm commitment to upfront and transparent pricing. We also offer 24/7 emergency repair services and schedule appointments at convenient times. Request your water heater installation estimate online now.

Water Heater FAQs

Why Is There a Water Leak Under My Water Heater?

Your water heater may leak for multiple reasons. The most common cause of water heater leaks is a damaged or failing pressure relief valve. We will also inspect your water heater for a cracked water heater tank, loose pipe connections, corroded anode rod, and improperly installed components. 

Is a Water Heater Leak Dangerous?  

A water heater leak can pose a risk to your home. A damaged water heater pressure valve can explode. Though it's a rare risk, it's important to contact us as soon as possible if you notice a water heater leak.

How Do I Know I Need Water Heater Services?

A leaking water heater isn't the only sign that you may need water heater services. Other common signs include the following:

  • You keep running out of hot water.
  • Your running water will not get hot.
  • The water may be discolored or rusty.
  • It takes a long amount of time for the water to get hot.
  • You have little to no water pressure.

 What Types of Water Heaters Are Available?

Our service professionals can install and repair any type of water heater. A tankless water heater provides unlimited hot water and heats water on demand. A conventional water heater stores water in a tank and heats your water using gas or electricity. A hybrid water heater uses a heat pump and conventional storage tank to provide your home's hot water.

How Long Does It Take for Water Heaters to Heat Up?  

The length of time it takes for your water heater to heat water varies depending on the type and size of the water heater. It typically takes about 30 to 80 minutes to heat up your water. Gas water heaters usually warm water faster than electric water heaters. A tankless water heater produces water on demand.

Why Is My Water Heater Cracking and Popping? 

The most common cause of cracking and popping sounds in your water heater is sediment buildup in the tank. If you have hard water, minerals accumulate on your water heater's burners. The hot water bubbles and penetrates this layer, causing cracking and popping sounds. We can typically flush your tank to alleviate the sounds.

Do I Need a Water Heater Replacement? 

Most water heaters last about six to ten years. Our service professionals will help determine if it's time for a water heater replacement. Water heaters become more energy efficient every year to upgrade their performance. If your water heater faces constant repairs, it may be time to replace it. 

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