Sewer System Backups in Youngstown, OH

Solutions for Youngstown, OH’s Sewage Concerns

Tree roots, debris, and other property issues found around your home can easily damage your plumbing pipes. Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Youngstown covers Youngstown, Austintown, and Calcutta, OH households’ sewage issues, with our team of expert plumbers fixing sewer and septic systems pipe threats like tree roots have damaged and impacted their functionality. Our highly skilled and licensed plumbing professionals have years of industry experience re-piping and repairing plumbing systems of all types, and we can accommodate any property layout. You can rest easy because our plumbing technicians have every service process down to a science with flawless execution, resolving residential sewer system backups and getting residential plumbing systems up and running again. Let us care for your residential plumbing issues any time, including after hours and on weekends, performing quick and efficient service to ensure long-lasting results.

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Sewer System Backup Warning Signs

Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Youngstown knows having a sewer system backup isn’t always apparent until the issue develops into a messy sewage disaster that’s costly to fix. The following are several warning signs to watch for indicating your sewer system is backing up:

  • Multiple drain backups
  • Puddles of water forming around the floor drain in your basement
  • Water backing up in your toilet, shower, or sink drain
  • Any drain backup combinations involving your toilet
  • Strong sewage smell originating from areas outside your home or from drains
  • Gurgling noises originating from your drains or toilet

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Tree Roots Growing Into Your Sewer Line

Leaks or condensation in your pipes is a serious issue that can entice tree roots in your property searching for water. Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Youngstown's expert plumbing professionals have ample experience resolving issues with tree roots invading sewer lines. Our technicians have seen tree roots stretching far underground and slipping through the tiny pipe section cracks, holes, and separations in sewage systems. After tree roots find a water source, the tree begins upping its root growth to take advantage of hydration in that area. Roots will continue infiltrating the pipes in your sewer system, making holes bigger and clogging your system before causing your pipe to burst. Some signs may show up indicating tree roots in your pipe, including toilet or bathtub sewage backups, tubs failing to drain properly, gurgling sounds originating from toilets, or an absence of water in your toilet bowl. We offer a wide array of plumbing solutions if any of these signs occur, such as the following:

  • Pipelining – We use a sleeve to line and seal your sewer pipe, permanently resolving sewer line damage. This sleeve resolves water leakage in your pipe, and we may only need to line a problematic pipe section to restore your sewer line. Our technicians don’t need to trench and demolish structures like walls on your property when we use this method.
  • Hydro jetting – This method is an effective long-term solution in which we can clean your pipe using pressurized water jets. Our technicians thoroughly and carefully scrub your residential sewer line to get rid of debris, tree roots, and grease buildup.
  • Rooter work and drain cleaning – We start this process by punching through intrusive tree roots to clear your home’s sewer line and make it fully functional again. After finishing that step, we determine permanent solutions by examining your tree root problem's extent.
  • Maintenance – Our technicians can regularly inspect and clean your drains with professional plans to eliminate grease buildup and other household debris. Our maintenance options also remove tree roots from your unlined pipes before encroaching tree roots cause severe clogs.
  • Pipe bursting – This technique is another permanent solution to sewer system backups. We break apart your existing cast iron, clay, or PVC sewer pipe using hydraulics and install a new seamless pipe simultaneously.

When to Call Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Youngstown

Your drain problem might seem like an isolated incident that’ll go away on its own, but Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Youngstown strongly recommends contacting us to avoid significant problems, such as a raw sewage backup. We typically use a cable device or special drain auger to attempt to open your drain, but more advanced methods are available if these tools fail to open your drain. You could have tree roots crushing your sewer pipe or drain pipe. As they grow, these roots can make their way through cracks and joints to get into your pipes. Other cases can cause your sewer system issues, such as built-up discarded food or garbage disposal waste, thick toilet paper, sanitary products, soap residue, or hair-causing sewer blockages. If you simply have a clogged drain, our technicians can perform quick and efficient work to clear it.

Septic System Backup Warning Signs

Septic tank backups will potentially result in a wide array of issues, surpassing minor issues like toilet clogs and sink backups. A licensed and seasoned plumbing professional can resolve these common problems quickly, and your best move is to hire a plumber while your drain is still in the slow-draining phase. Resolving backups before they completely stop water flow can effectively protect you against system-wide problems affecting your home’s plumbing. You may need to pay a substantial cost to remediate property damage and contamination, including environmental cleanup. Instead, you can enlist Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Youngstown to fix your septic system backup before it causes contamination and damage to spread throughout your property. We recommend watching out for any warning signs you have a septic system backup:

  • Slow-draining or flushing toilet
  • Smelly black liquid or sewage backup in your toilets or drains or
  • Bad smells in your home due to incorrectly vented or failing septic systems
  • You have slow drains in more than one drain in your home
  • An abundance of vibrantly green grass growing over your home’s septic system, even when the weather is hot and dry
  • Wastewater seeping out of the ground closes your septic system that will sometimes have an odor
  • Algae or weeds growing in a pond near your home (septic waste discharging into surface water can cause this issue sometimes)
  • Bacteria contaminate your well because of septic system liquid flowing into your drinking water well by traveling through the ground

Trust Us to Prevent Residential Sewer System Backups

If your residential sewer system backs up, it risks your plumbing system, property, and family’s health. Your sewer system backup may be due to causes like tree roots, rain, or grease and oil buildup. These problems are avoidable when you invest in regular maintenance. Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Youngstown recommends pumping your tank regularly and not planting trees in your absorption field. You can also get quick plumbing issue diagnoses and prevention and save thousands of dollars with our Advantage Plan®. Request an estimate to get an accurate cost prediction on the plumbing services your home needs, and reach out to us to schedule friendly service and professional plumbing solutions for any issue.

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