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  • Outdoor shower sprinkling water with foliage in background.

    An Outdoor Shower — Good Idea or A Waste of Money?

    When you think of an outdoor shower, what image comes to mind? Maybe you imagine a luxurious, waterfront beach house or upscale ...

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  • Leakage of water from a toilet base due to blockage of the pipe

    Toilet Leaking at the Base? This Could Be the Problem

    You never really know how essential a working toilet is…until one malfunctions. Walking into your bathroom to find a huge puddle ...

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  • newly renovated bathroom with modern style

    Best Plumbing Upgrades to Make with Your Master Bathroom Remodel

    If you are interested in updating your master bathroom, you have probably already seen countless articles online with the latest ...

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  • person adjusting a central water heater at home

    Is There an Energy Efficient Temperature Setting for My Hot Water Heater?

    What is the best temperature range for your hot water heater? The EPA recommends 120 degrees because it’s hot enough to keep ...

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