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Are Your Kids Too Busy?

We at Mr. Rooter Plumbing schedule appointments every day. We understand how important it can be to run a tight schedule. Our customers depend on us to arrive on time to keep their plumbing, and their lives, running smoothly.

When I was a young mother it surprised me how often though our children ended up with too much scheduled for them. Do you find that at the time when our children need lots of rest to grow and develop their minds, we have them running from school to soccer practice to piano lessons and more? The time for play and imagination also gets squished into a few stolen moments.

I know when my kids where young they participated in everything from soccer, to girls scouts to theater. There were days we literally ran from event to event. I had to consciously work to make downtime for them and us as a family.

While we all want our children to be well-rounded, exposing them to many opportunities like sports, music, and art we need to remember our children sometimes just need a little more time to be kids. For those preparing for college, the time constraints and constant pressure to be involved in everything, get good grades and often hold down a part-time job can be exhausting!

Some of the questions I had to ask myself were have I let my children have a say in what extra curricular activities they want to be involved in? Had we given them adequate time to just be kids and not worry only about homework, practice and chores after school? Was there time to play? After all, who wouldn't love to be back in school with time to explore and discover the world? I sure would.

Here's wishing you a world class day!

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