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Rain, Rain, Come Again

Did you know the UK has been experiencing droughts? Our sister company in the UK, Drain Doctor, brought this to light for us. Many towns have been without sufficient rain since February. Their recent blog discussed the many areas that have a hose pipe ban (garden hose) until the rain returns, with many more restrictions to come.

The worst drought in the United Kingdom since 1976, it is important that everyone is taking steps to save water. Drain Doctor put together this great list of tips to reduce water usage:

  • Check your plumbing and drains for leaks
  • Turn off your tap when you are brushing your teeth
  • Take showers rather than baths
  • Take fewer showers and for less time
  • Repair any dripping taps
  • Only use what water you need when filling the kettle to make tea or coffee
  • Only use the washing machine when you can put a full load into it
  • Keep water in the fridge to chill so that you don't need to run the tap to get cool water each time
  • Place a brick or a 'hippo' in the toilet cistern to reduce the amount of water flushed
  • Use a mulch on beds and vegetable plots to retain moisture in the soil to reduce the amount of watering
  • Use a water butt to collect rainwater to use on the garden
  • Install rainwater and greywater harvesting systems

Here's wishing you a world class day!