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Tuna Batch Recipe

Today's "Mondays for Moms" recipe is from Taylor Dixon. She is interning in our Mr. Rooter public relations department this summer.

As a new intern at The Dwyer Group, which is the parent company of Mr. Rooter and where my dad works as well, I thought it would be neat to honor him by sharing a recipe he created himself. I wanted to share this recipe because it's near and dear to my heart, giving a quirky twist to an American favorite. It's called Tuna Batch.

As a struggling college student, my dad invented Tuna Batch to suit not only his hunger but his wallet as well. His culinary discovery lived on as he found my twin brother and I enjoyed it just as much.

Although my mother never became a fan, that didn't stop him. Every time she went out of town my brother and I knew it was Tuna Batch night. There were some trips she took that we would eat Tuna Batch every single night! I love the memories and excitements associated with Tuna Batch nights and thought you all might like it as well or maybe start a "Tuna Batch" memory of your own!

tuna batch recipe

Thanks for sharing your special recipe with us, Taylor. We're delighted to have you interning with us this summer.

Stay tuned - we have some great summer recipes we'll share with you on Mondays in June and July. Here's wishing you a world class day.