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Spring Break is Not Always a Parents Break

For many parents, "that" time of year can strike dread in your heart months in advance or have you looking forward to spending quality time with your children. "That time of year" is Spring Break. While I always loved having Spring Break for more kid time I would often forget that even one week without school would play havoc with my children's schedules. And for those working full-time Spring Break can be a logistical daycare nightmare!

Planning ahead always helped. Did you know that many school districts and community centers offer spring break programs that run school hours and offer a variety of kid-friendly topics? There is everything from crafts for the little ones, to cooking and guitar lessons for teenagers.

You can also check out your local leisure center, YMCA, or library for drop in swimming, skating, yoga classes, special reading groups and more. That week is an excellent time to sign your kids up for horseback riding lessons, or enroll them in sailing instruction. For older kids you can create a camp of your own by equip your home with a good mix of board games, movies, craft supplies and ingredients to have children help create their own meals.

Could this be a good time to send the kids to visit the out of town grandparents for a fun-filled week? Grandparent time is so important. They make history real and have so much wisdom to share with the world.

If you are a stay at home mom, you may want to consider sharing the planning and chauffeuring with other parents. Each person can plan a day of activities and the driving, leaving you with a free day to maintain your routine.

Regardless of how you pull off Spring Break, remember that is a week for recharging for your children and possibly for you as well. I hope you can take a moment for that.

Here's wishing you a world class day!