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Hidden Spaces

One thing I remember from when my children were younger was the amount of stuff scattered around our home. Pictures on the fridge, Lego's on the floor, crayons on the counters - I am sure this sounds familiar to you. It's very hard to devote the time and energy to constantly picking up items as your toddler drags toy after toy out of their room. And school aged children have all their assignments, books, and backpacks. Next thing you know the house is in chaos.

Check out some tips that worked for me and may help you achieve a clutter-free home:

  • use an accordion file folder to keep pictures and report cards together - you can even sort by year and have a different color for each child.
  • hide board games and books under the couch for easy access and to keep hidden from view.
  • designate one room for doing homework and playtime to reduce the whole house being covered with items.
  • set up a shelf in your entry way closet to put backpacks. That way they are easy to find when leaving in a rush for school.
  • look at getting a coffee table that opens. It is a quick and easy fix to load with the toys when company is coming.
  • to reduce video game and movie clutter get a binder with disk sleeves and fill with the disks, save the cases in a box in the garage.
  • walk around with a big basket to collect items, then take it to each room to redistribute back to its original home at the end of the day.
  • try to keep kid's books on their own bookshelves, this way they don't get damaged.
  • donate older toys when new ones are received.
  • designate a drawer in the kitchen to craft supplies where paper, glue, scissors, etc. are always put back.

Here's wishing you a world class and clutter free day!