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Sharing Valuable Information Goes Both Ways

As you know, we often cover blogs written by our sister company in the UK, Drain Doctor. Just this past month they covered a blog for our site! Thanks Drain Doctor.

They referred to our blog on washing machine hose failure, which is one of the top five causes of water damage in a home.

If you still have rubber hoses connecting your washing machine to its water source you should refer to the following steps to help prevent this happening to you:

Here are the steps to follow when installing new washing machines hoses:

  1. Purchase stainless steel braided flexible hoses (recommend 5-inch minimum).
  2. Turn hot and cold water off at the water connection (confirm by turning the washer on to ensure water is off).
  3. Move the washer away from the wall for access. (Be sure not to damage the floor when moving the washer).
  4. Have a small bucket handy to catch water remaining in hoses once disconnected.
  5. Use adjustable pliers to unscrew hot and cold hoses from the wall anticlockwise.
  6. Remove hoses from the machine in a anticlockwise direction.
  7. Install stainless steel braided hoses, making sure hose washers are in place before tightening both ends of the hoses in a clockwise direction.
  8. Turn water on to leak test before moving washer back into position.
  9. While you are at it, clean behind the washing machine to avoid other potential hazards.
  10. Return appliances to their original position. And don't forget to check out the Drain Doctor blog at http://draindoctor.wordpress.com/.

Here's wishing you a world class day!