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Fancy pants faucets

Remember the days when a sink faucet was just that - a sink faucet? Now, there are so many choices and styles, it makes my head spin. Gone are the days when fixtures were utilitarian; today faucets must have both function and style.

I am in awe of the sheer number of faucets you can choose from - Victorian-era inspired faucets all the way to "modern" faucets. Now, they're even selling exposed piping and calling it "simplistic décor." That one makes me smile just thinking about it. If I were ever to renovate my kitchen, I think I'd look for the faucets that reminded me of days long gone - where the sink was for washing dishes, washing hands and cooking. And of course, rinsing off the occasional scrapes and scratches my kids had.

I do have to admit, though, these whiz-bang faucets sure are pretty. Which one is your favorite?

Victorian faucet

Modern faucet

Simple faucet