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2013 - New Year's Resolutions for Your Home

What's it going to be this year: lose 10 pounds, finally write that book or take up a new hobby? In late December, many people committed to a New Year's resolution involving change or self-improvement. However, if you are a parent of young children or teenagers, let us suggest a whole new approach to making 2013 a happier, more fulfilling year: Make New Year's resolutions for your home!

The stress levels many people experience around regular cleaning and home repairs can lead to major health problems, such as sleep loss, weight gain and a weaker immune system. Don't let a surprise plumbing disaster or overstuffed closet stop you in your tracks! Keep yourself and your family happier and healthier in 2013 with these four New Year's resolutions for your home:

Resolution # 1: We will not flush "stuff."

Little green army men, cotton balls, underwear-when you live with kids, there's no telling what might go down the toilet next! Avoid the stress and mess of plumbing repairs by teaching your kids the "only toilet paper" rule. This rule applies to parents as well! Even flushing dental floss or hair down the toilet can lead to clogs.

Resolution #2: We will put things away.

Clutter is a big source of stress for many parents. Take back control over your home and your family's belongings. Set up bins by the front door and label them with each person's name to store shoes and outerwear. Don't forget a bin for the dog too! When your kids get home from school, make sure all of their belongings are put away for use the next day. Make room in your closets for the stuff you actually use by donating those items that your children have outgrown.

Resolution #3: We will keep the tub sparkly.

Cleaning your bathtub or shower drain regularly can help keep your bathroom spotless and safe. A clean drain allows water to clear quickly and results in less slippery residue and soap scum in your shower or tub. To maintain clean drains and avoid unnecessary home repairs, use distilled white vinegar and baking soda to regularly break up clogs and to clean.

Resolution #4: We will be kind to the garbage disposal.

Keep kitchen cleanup quick and easy by taking good care of your friend, the garbage disposal. To avoid costly plumbing repairs, always allow cool water to run through the disposal for 15 seconds before and after use. Avoid putting fat, grease or bones down the disposal. If you have a lot of waste to load, deposit it one handful at a time. To keep the grinding area clean and fresh, drop a few ice cubes into the grinding area every few days.

Do you have any household New Year's resolutions to add to this list? Feel free to share your organization, plumbing, cleaning and home happiness tips in the comments below.

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