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Be Water-Wise® During the Summer Months

Are you interested in cutting down on your water usage this summer? Not only is it mandatory in some towns but also a great way to reduce your water bill. Where I live we've had more than 12 days over 100 degrees with little to no rain and are beginning to ration our water. So water conservation is heavy on our minds. Some easy ways to conserve are to make sure you water the grass or flowers either late at night or very early in the morning. Doing so allows the ground to soak up the water before the sun is able to dry it up - potentially burning the yard at the same time.

Also consider taking advantage of the warmer weather by hanging your clothes out to dry. Not only is this free of charge, you also get a nice outdoor fresh smell to your clothes.

Having a big party? Consider using an ice block in your cooler instead of ice cubes - they last much longer and keep items colder longer. Reusable plastic ice cubes are available which can also prevent using bags of ice when guests are over for a backyard barbeque.

What will you do this summer to conserve water?

Here's wishing you a world class day!