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Summer Camps for Kids

Now that summer is well under way, its time to figure out to do with your children for the remaining weeks of freedom. For some of us this already may include a vacation, camping, or time spent around your neighborhood. For many, the novelty of time off from school has worn thin and your children are bored. Some parents look to summer camps as an opportunity to not only give there children a great experience but also to learn some new skills. There are many camps available through the church, the YMCA, Boys and Girls Clubs, Girl and Boy Scouts, and more. Specialty camps focus on sports, theatre, music, faith, astronomy, and more. Camps teach valuable life lessons to kids such as social skills, teamwork, self-esteem, compassion, empathy and values. These camps, both day and overnight stay, can be a great opportunity for children to swim, canoe, sing songs by a campfire, arts and crafts, horseback ride, and make friends with kids their own age. Often there is the chance to be creative and try new things you don't experience in your home town. The opportunity alone to get in touch with nature is a great learning experience. While often the costs can seem out of your reach, remember that often organizations can subsidize the cost. Over 17,000 summer camps for children in the United States and Canada can be found on this website - MySummerCamps.com. Here's wishing you a world class summer!