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The End of Respect?

the end of respect?

The Code of Values™ we at Mr. Rooter Plumbing, strive to live by is broken down into four categories - Respect - Integrity- Customer Focus - Having Fun in the Process. Under the Respect category, "Acknowledging everyone as right from their own perspective" is something that seems to be forgotten in this day and age. I am amazed sometimes when watching the news or talk shows how much we tend to focus only on our point of view rather than trying to put ourselves in another's shoes.

Mr. Rooter® plumbing has more than 280 franchise owners in North America. Add that to the 27 staff members at our corporate office and you have many different personalities...and opinions. When I come across a difference of opinion or a question as to why things run the way they do I try to focus on this value. And others on the team do as well. It really helps us find the best solutions to challenges and opportunities.

It is up to each of us to seek to understand other's beliefs and to recognize that our thoughts are what make us unique and what makes the world work.

Here's wishing you a world class day!