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Root Cleanup

Have you ever walked down a street and noticed the sidewalk cracked, with roots pushing through? Roots continue to travel out from a tree to obtain water sources as it grows. While this is an inconvenience for the city workers, it can be more serious than just cracked concrete.

Under our houses and lawns are many pipes connecting water and sewer pipes to the city's supply and roots often grow towards the pipes sensing a water source. In doing so, often they can break through the pipe or crack it.

Occasionally plumbing issues can be attributed to tree root invasion in the pipes. If this occurs, or you have concerns this could happen, contact Mr. Rooter Plumbing.

Our plumbing technicians can insert a camera through your lines to see if the intrusion is the cause of root growth.They can cut away the roots in the drain and repair the drain if necessary. Regular maintenance may be required. When planting any new trees make sure to have an idea of what can happen with the roots as the tree matures. Are there power lines overhead? Do you know where your pipes are under the lawn? A few minutes of planning can prevent roots from damaging your pipes, your sidewalk, your driveway or even your lawn.

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