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How a Mr. Uses Courtesy to Combat Hate

Mr. Rooter® Plumbing prides itself on being courteous - we must, as it's the basis of our slogan! While we make sure to take steps to ensure we provide quality service we also are mindful of the importance of respecting your home. While we park on the street, use mats we bring ourselves, and wear shoe covers to protect your home - just being courteous is part of our culture. In recognition of the Weed Out Hate initiative, Mr. Rooter Plumbing is doing its part to spread the word to put a stop to hate and bullying. Focused on cultivation, education and advocation - the Weed Out Hate initiative is "a global campaign dedicated to teaching children to root out hate, while planting seeds of peace, love and respect." Intending to break a cycle of hate at any level, this organization promotes to families, schools, churches and other organizations to encourage children to take a stand to eliminate hate and bullying. The goal is to inspire children to make a change and create a generation focused on acceptance and understanding instead of judgment and exclusion. By showing children how to plant seeds, weed gardens and see the results bloom it teaches them how to understand the importance of roots and support in the world. As things begin to grow in gardens later this spring, it presents an opportunity to let children understand the differences in flowers but how they all rely on the same care, water, light and quality soil to flourish. While we are all different, we all are much the same. What are you doing to eradicate hate in your life? To read more about Weed Out Hate check out their website http://www.weedouthate.org and remember, it's never too late to be courteous!