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iPhone with text: Rescue your phone from the dreaded drop in the toilet

Rescue your Phone from the Dreaded Drop in the Toilet

It's a mistake we all fear. Phone case companies make a fortune off of this fear, or even worse -- off of us learning our lesson after living through the experience. Of course, we mean dropping your phone in the toilet! Mr. Rooter plumbers help people deal with stressful toilet situations all the time, but with society's love affair with our phones at an all-time high, dropping that brand new iPhone 5S in the John is no fun. Thankfully our friends at Hack College made one of their Minute Hack videos about this exact topic:
  1. Get your phone out of the toilet as fast as possible - there's not time to worry about germs when preventing water damage to your phone can come down to seconds.
  2. Dry the exterior off as much as possible to prevent any additional water on the surface from seeping into the phone.
  3. Now you can wash your hands.
  4. IMPORTANT: If you have an iPhone, DO NOT attempt to take the battery or the SIM card out -- leave the phone intact to avoid potentially voiding your manufacturer's warranty, which is what may allow you to get a new phone if it's permanently damaged in any way.
  5. If you have another type of phone like an Android or Window's phone, repeat steps one and two, then take the battery out and detach any plugs, caps, lids, or cases.
  6. Place the phone and any pieces you removed in a bag of dried rice. Seal the bag and place it in a warm, dry spot, like by a window (not an open window, come on, we don't need another accident!). Rice is a naturally absorbent material and will draw out moisture from inside the phone.
  7. Leave in the rice for a solid 24 hours before you take it out, reassemble, and see if it's still working.
  8. Hopefully this little trick fixed any problems a toilet drop may have caused. If you have permanent damage, take it to either your cellular carrier or the Apple store to determine if you are eligible for a new phone under your manufacturer warranty.
  9. Unfortunately, cell phones are built with a small piece of paper that changes color if there has been water damage since it is not usually covered under the standard manufacturer warranty. Hack College recommends, well, hacking that system by putting a white piece of paper over the water damage sensor. Trying to beat the system is your call, but another option is purchasing a protective phone cover or an inexpensive insurance plan if you know you're slightly accident-prone.