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How to Choose a Plumber

You wake up in a hurry and look at the clock- 6:43 a.m. You were supposed to be up almost an hour ago. No more late night movies for you and the kids. Racing out of bed, you throw on some clothes, putting on some make up and pulling your hair out of your face to make it look like you actually got ready for the day. You run into the other bedroom and wake up your six-year-old son. He rolls out of bed, eyes basically still closed as he stumbles into the bathroom. He still has his little toy train in his hand from last night- he must have fallen asleep with it. As he starts to get ready, you run into the kitchen to start making breakfast. Two pieces of toast, a bowl of cereal... "Mooooommmm?!" Your immediate thought: "this isn't good." As you move towards his voice, you can hear water running inside the bathroom. Maybe he just has the sink running and he can't reach the toothpaste again. Unfortunately, that's not the problem. Somehow, he has managed to drop his toy into the toilet and he flushed it down. Water is now overflowing from the toilet and is quickly flooding the bathroom. You have to do something about this, and quickly. You try to find someone online- there are too many options. You open the phonebook- every company imaginable is listed. All of your friends are too busy to ask for a suggestion. Who do you choose in a time when you need them most? Mr. Rooter Plumbing® has everything you need to help you choose the right plumber for you. Choosing the right plumber can take the stress and worry out of plumbing emergencies. At no additional charge, Mr. Rooter Plumbing will come to you at your convenience to discover the source of the problem and solve it right the first time. Mr. Rooter Plumbing is the right plumber for you. There's a reason why they call us Mr.