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Cool Gifts Mr. Rooter is Giving This Year

Mr. Rooter® still has some Christmas shopping to do. Thankfully, he has a few gift ideas up his sleeve that he knows his friends and family will love. If you're still looking for some inspiration late in the season, Mr. Rooter doesn't mind if you steal some of his ideas.

Poo Pourri

Gifting Poo Pourri this Christmas is one way Mr. Rooter plans to spread his passion for courtesy. The most practical gag gift you ever heard of, this product is easy to use. Just spritz the bowl before you go and no one else will ever know! The award-winning product comes in a variety of scents and sizes so you can pick the perfect option for your friend or family member.

Even if they're a little offended to start with, the recipient of your gift will actually appreciate the thought behind it the next time those Christmas goodies don't agree with them. Just make sure you give it to someone who understands your humor; grandma is probably not the best recipient for this gag gift.

Palm-Sized Toilet Speaker

Do you think your brother-in-law's taste in music is bad enough to flush down the toilet? Tell him so - in a kind, funny sort of way - with the Palm-Sized Toilet Speaker by Transport Sanyo. The little portable speaker is comical yet fully functional. Just hook up an MP3 player with the 3.5 mm jack or insert an SD card and the recipient of your gift will enjoy two to three hours of continuous playback on a single charge.

The SD card slot and speaker controls are located on the miniature toilet tank while the speaker is located inside the toilet bowl. The working lid flips up and down for the perfect touch to this hilarious gag gift.

Potty Training iPad Stand

If your sister has kids at potty training age, help make the experience go more smoothly with the iPotty, a toddler-sized potty chair with a purpose-built stand designed to hold an iPad in place for the youngster's viewing pleasure while he answers the call of nature.

If you're worried your sister won't want to use it, be sure to let her know the iPotty has a built-in splash guard to protect the electronic device. If all else fails, the seat cover is detachable so the iPotty doubles as a standard potty training chair when needed.

Disposable Urinal

If your dad loves going on road trips but hates stopping to use the bathroom, the TravelJohn Disposable Urinal is the gift that keeps on giving - toilet time after toilet time!

The product is small, lightweight and unassuming. The dual-layer bag design and spill-proof gel medium makes this little treasure leak-proof. It's resealable and reusable until it's full when the user disposes of it at his leisure. Campers, hunters, fishermen and road-trip lovers can all enjoy the gift of relieving themselves without finding a toilet.

Uncle John's Bathroom Reader

If you have a friend who everyone jokes about liking to spend a lot of time in the bathroom, get him an interesting copy of Uncle John's Bathroom Reader. A wide range of titles and subjects ensures you can find something to interest just about anyone: from trivia to puzzles, comedies to short fiction. Many of the books are even available as eBooks for those with e-readers and tablets, and the For Kids Only series makes bathroom time more fun for tiny tots.

If these unique plumbing-themed gifts inspire you, we're glad we could help! From our family to yours, have a very merry holiday season!