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Ten Acts of Kindness You Can Do For Your Family

Mr. Rooter Plumbing Brings Chivalry to Your Home

Kindness is contagious. Imagine the domino effect that one simple random acts of kindness can create. February 17 is Random Acts of Kindness Day and at Mr. Rooter Plumbing we're forming a team of misters and misses who love to pay it forward. At Mr. Rooter Plumbing we aim to help infuse customer's homes with love and encourage others to do the same. Here are ten heartwarming ways to show your loved ones courtesy through these often overlooked and extremely effective random acts of kindness.

  1. Wash the dishes. If you've been walking past a sink full of dirty dishes all week, take a few moments, get your hands dirty and help out with the household chores.
  2. Open the door for loved ones. Whether it's the car door, front door or restaurant door surprise them with courtesy. Although this task may seem small, this act of chivalry is becoming a lost art and tremendously appreciated.
  3. Replace the toilet paper roll. Be proactive and help make your family member's trip to the restroom carefree.
  4. Have a fresh pot of coffee brewing in the morning. A little morning pick-me-up never hurt anyone! Filling the air with the smell of fresh coffee for your loved ones is a great way to help kick-start the day.
  5. Try new recipes and experiment with old ones. Whip up an exotic meal for the family that will make their day. For overachievers, aim for the element of surprise. Wake up bright and early, and create a gourmet breakfast (along with your freshly brewed coffee of course!)
  6. Stop by an elderly loved one's house to clean up their kitchen. A quick sprucing up speaks volumes and helps to make their day a tad bit easier!
  7. Purchase a decent plunger. Although your local Mr. Rooter plumber is always just a phone call away, some situations just won't wait. Swoop in and save the day by adding to your bathroom emergency kit.
  8. Leave a loving note, funny joke or inspirational quote on the bathroom mirror in dry erase marker. It will be a reminder to everyone who reads it that they are thought of and loved.
  9. Take a parent or child out to lunch. It may not seem like a lot, but it could mean the world to them.
  10. Give a meaningful hug to everyone in your home, and don't forget to add a heartfelt "I love you." There's no such thing as too much love in a household.

Kindness is a powerful tool that strongly encourages the act of "paying it forward." In today's hurry-up age, it becomes easy to forget our manners and overlook courtesy, but kindheartedness is the foundation of any happy home. Take this day and make someone feel cared for, loved and special. It may mean more to them than you know.