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How Bad Is It? Difficult Home Maintenance Questions Answered!

Many people find themselves scratching their head, asking questions that no one seems to know about life at home. Our friends at HGTV Magazine tackled the problem and asked those difficult questions in their recent March publication. Their questions included: How bad is it to spray paint indoors? How bad is it to read by a dim light? Or, as gross as it is, how bad is it to double dip? They also asked, "How bad is it to pour grease down the drain," an age-old question that home owners have continuously struggled with answering.

HGTV reached out to the experts for answers to these questions. For help with the pipes, they turned to Jamie Smith, owner of the Baltimore, MD location of Mr. Rooter® Plumbing. "Cooking grease can destroy your drain pipes," said Smith. Pouring fatty things such as oils and grease down your drain will start to build up in your pipes, eventually clogging them. Usually this can be fixed with special tools and cleansers, but sometimes this leads to needing your pipes replaced entirely. Either way, this is an expensive solution to an easily preventable problem.

Rather than pouring these fats down the drain, there are a few simple solutions to dispose of them! Simply let the oil or grease cool (if it's hot) and wipe it up with towels or pour it into an empty can. Then you can throw it away in the garbage. So, how bad is it to pour oils and grease down the drain? It's "super bad!" For more information on how to keep your drain and pipes clean, check out our future article on disposal maintenance!