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Rooter Readers: Bathroom Books Week 3

Do you ever feel like you're wasting your time on the toilet? Fortunately, there are ways to multitask even when nature calls. After all, did you know that 74% of people read in the bathroom? The material you choose is completely up to you, but we recommend heeding some of the suggestions in our Rooter Readers weekly blog posts. Our first edition covered puzzle and trivia books, and the second blog post advised books on bizarre facts and historic tidbits. If those aren't your thing, never fear; we have plenty of fictional stories for you to choose from, too.

Uncle John's Flush Fiction

flush fiction

You only have about five minutes - maybe 10 if you're really pushing it - to read in the bathroom. That's why Uncle John's Flush Fiction stories are so perfect. This book is a compilation of 88 super short stories you can read in a single sitting. The fictional tales span all genres, including action/adventure, mystery, horror, sci-fi and much more. You'll have to fight to keep your laughs and gasps to an inaudible level if you don't want your family wondering what in the world you're doing in there.

The 50 Funniest American Writers

funny bathroom reading

If you need a good laugh while you're stuck in the commode, this anthology is perfect. It brings together some of the most hilarious short stories from well-known authors such as Mark Twain, Nora Ephron, Wanda Sykes, and David Sedaris into this masterful collection. Amusing stories from The Onion, The New Yorker,National Lampoon, and other publications will keep you chuckling long after you leave the bathroom.

Short Stories for Short Visits

bathroom reading short stories

What's your favorite fictional category? In this compilation, you'll find 66 short stories on topics ranging from aliens and zombies to squirrels and cows. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll scratch your head in disbelief. Each short story is about one page long, so it's easy to enjoy some quick entertainment during an otherwise routine trip to the loo. Thrillers, tragedies, love stories and comedies are all bound together for the perfect bathroom reading experience.

Here There be Tygers

Stephen King wrote this short story in 1968 from the perspective of a boy who believes a tiger is lurking in this school bathroom. It's obviously the perfect read while you're on the can, unless of course you're in the school bathroom and are deathly afraid of tigers. As one of the first stories King ever wrote (he was still in high school), it's considered a must-read classic by fans of this renowned horror story writer.

The Great American Bathroom Book

Did you know you can become "well read" just by making better use of your time in the bathroom? Well, that's true if you're reading The Great American Bathroom Book with every trip to the commode. This unique book concisely summarizes some of the world's most important literary works so you can grasp the basics despite being too busy to read the whole story from cover to cover. These "compact classics" include Lord of the Flies, Don Quixote and The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, just to name a few. There are also tips for life management, health and effective communication, all under a single cover. You'll never run out of things to read if you keep these books by the toilet . Stay tuned for more editions of Rooter Readers to help you pinpoint the best books to read in the bathroom.