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Rooter Readers: Bathroom Books Week #4

Three out of four people prefer their toilet paper to come off the holder over instead of under. Toilets are flushed around America more during the Super Bowl halftime show than at any other time of year. He didn't invent the toilet, but Thomas Crapper perfected the siphon flush modern toilets use today. In our first edition of Rooter Readers, we covered puzzle and trivia books. The second blog post advised books on bizarre facts and historic tidbits while the third version introduced you to some of the best fictional stories to read in the bathroom. This week we're excited to show you books that teach you random trivia facts from your favorite categories.

Nature Calls

nature calls bathroom reading

If you love nature, you'll be thrilled to learn something new about the natural world from this book brought to you by Uncle John's Bathroom Reader. More than 400 pages are filled to the brim with strange stories, fascinating facts, scintillating science, quality quotes and tricky tests. Even from your vantage point in the bathroom, you'll almost feel the breeze of fresh mountain air as you learn about apes, waterfalls, mushrooms, dolphins and even dirt. It's the closest you can get to nature when nature calls.

A World of Motorized Marvels

vroom, motorized marvels

Satisfy your need for speed without leaving the comfort of your toilet. This Bathroom Reader takes you on the ultimate road trip, educating you on topics as varying as the world's first automobiles to the flying cars of tomorrow to massive machines that move mountains. If your passion is for planes, trains and automobiles, this book provides the perfect way to pass time in the restroom.

Sports Spectacular

sport spectacular reader

No sports fan's bathroom reading library is complete without this compilation of sports stories, lore and origins. So lace up, place the ball on the tee and square up to the basket because you're about to unravel the mysteries of wild mascot antics, the science behind different sports, and scandals at the Olympic Games. If you haven't heard of gerbil racing, Finnish wife-carrying or flagpole sitting, it's about time you flipped open this book and learned more about these bizarre sports as well.

Tunes into TV

tunes into tv

Uncle John's Bathroom Reader continues to impress with each creative new book it unveils. If you're a TV nut, you'll love learning more aboutThe Simpsons, Top Chef, Mad Men, Gilligan's Island, Star Trek, LOSTand your other favorite shows. It's the best way to continue fulfilling your passion for TV even while you're in the bathroom. Find out how commercials came to be, the secrets behind reality TV, and what goes on behind the scenes on the set ofJeopardy!

Weird Canada

weird Canada bathroom reading

Our neighbors to the north live in the world's second largest country, which was almost named Hochelaga. However, this fact is dull compared to the other facts you can expect to learn in this Bathroom Reader, including bizarre history, head-scratching news stories, odd cities, crazy eats and more. If you ever visit, you'll be glad to know that your dog is required to be bilingual in Quebec and it's illegal to kill a Sasquatch in British Columbia. You're never short of interesting facts to share with your friends when you read these books on the toilet. Stay tuned for the final edition of Rooter Readers to help you pinpoint more great reads for the bathroom.