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Mr. Rooter's Favorite Halloween Costumes

Halloween: it's the only day of the year when adults are allowed - and even encouraged - to dress up without being laughed at. It's a holiday that has transformed from focusing on death and sacrificial bonfires 2,000 years ago to a holiday of fun, candy and Trick-or-Treating. Your costuming possibilities are endless. You could dress as someone scary, as someone pretty, or even as a play on words ("cereal" killer is a popular one). But what would Mr. Rooter® dress as? He has a few favorite costumes he goes back to year after year. Feel free to use one of his ideas for your costume this Halloween.

Super Mario Brothers

These classic Nintendo characters have been around for more than three decades and are arguably the most famous, albeit fictitious, plumbers in the world. Mario and Luigi make the perfect Halloween costumes for two friends looking for themed costumes. Their outfits include blue overalls with a red shirt and hat for Mario and a green shirt and hat for Luigi. Don't forget the mustaches and the Italian accents to complete the costume.

Joe the Plumber

If you kept up on the 2008 presidential election, you know all about Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher, better known as Joe the Plumber. He expressed his interest in purchasing a small plumbing business and the moniker became a metaphor for middle-class Americans. To dress up as Joe the Plumber, you need a stereotypical plumber getup: overalls or a navy jumpsuit, a baseball cap or hard hat, a tool belt and a few tools to use as props. A plunger is a popular choice. Complete the look with a "Joe the Plumber" nametag.

Zeke the Plumber

While he was only featured in one episode of Salute Your Shorts, an early 90s kid's show on Nickelodeon, Zeke the Plumber is a fan favorite. He's a creepy plumber who speaks in a raspy voice and wears a mask and gloves to hide the burns he received when he died in an explosion. Yes, Zeke the Plumber is dead, and he haunts the children at camp. A nightmarish plumber is the perfect Halloween costume, though you might have to explain its origins to a few people.


Maybe you don't want to dress yourself up as a toilet, but how about your potty-training toddler or young fans of Captain Underpants? It's a clever joke that you and your child are bound to love. Plus, you don't have to carry around a separate bag for collecting candy; simply lift the toilet lid to reveal the candy-collecting receptacle. You'll get more than one laugh as you disclose this hidden feature while Trick-or-Treating. With these ideas from Mr. Rooter, you're bound to have a different idea than anyone else at the costume party this year.