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What's Mr. Rooter Thankful For This Year?

It's easy to dwell on the things we don't have, but during Thanksgiving, we emphasize our gratitude for the things we do have. Mr. Rooter® has a long list of things he's grateful for that you're likely to agree with.

Thankful for Indoor Plumbing

It's something you utilize every day, but how often do you take indoor plumbing for granted? You shouldn't; after all, countless citizens in developing countries don't have any indoor plumbing to speak of. In fact, many households right here in America don't even have complete indoor plumbing systems!

According to an American Community Survey from earlier this year, around 630,000 occupied homes in the US are missing flush toilets, a shower or running water. If you have instant access to water from the tap, the ability to pour a warm bath without filling buckets from a stream outside, and a flushing toilet that sweeps waste away after each use, be thankful!

Thankful for Toiletries

On that note, Mr. Rooter is also thankful for the cleansing items we use in the bathroom every day. Would you really appreciate indoor plumbing as much if you didn't have toilet paper? And what about soap? Running water is great, but it would be harder to get clean without soap.

Toothbrushes and toothpaste top the list as well. Of course, deodorant, perfume and cologne are worth being thankful for too, whether you're spared from smelling body odor or using these products to mask your own smell.

Thankful for Copper and PVC

Copper has been used in plumbing systems for the past 80 years. It's a premium piping choice because it has a long life and proven history. Then, PVC has long been the standard for residential waste water. Mr. Rooter is thankful for these materials because without them, indoor plumbing wouldn't be what it is today.

Thankful for Garbage Disposals

While you might do your best to keep food out of the sink, the garage disposal helps take care of almost anything you put down there - except bones, fruit pits, grease, and stringy or starchy food; don't put those things down the garbage disposal.

Without this feature on your kitchen sink, you would have to be very careful about any food getting into the sink. Have you ever tried to dispose of spaghetti down the bathroom sink? It just isn't the same as dumping it into the kitchen sink and grinding it up with the garbage disposal.

Thankful for Water Heaters

If you have ever gone without hot water, it's likely you appreciate your water heater more than most people you have met. Imagine ice cold showers forcing you to resort to boiling water on the stove a few gallons at a time and pouring the water into the tub. Something as simple as washing your hands under warm running water in the dead of winter is something many people will never get to experience. That's why Mr. Rooter is thankful for water heaters!

Thankful for Common Courtesy

Unfortunately, common courtesy is getting harder to come by these days. "Please" and "thank you" go a long way, but a growing number of people have forgotten that. It's the reason Mr. Rooter is thankful to interact with kind homeowners who show him respect. He's always so careful to be clean, polite and considerate that when people show him the same courtesy in return, he's grateful.

As you take inventory of the things you're thankful for, you'll probably realize these items are somewhere on your list. What else do you appreciate in your daily life?