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How To Be Mr. Rooter For Halloween

Everyone needs a good superhero to dress up as for Halloween. We always think of the comic book heroes, but what about dressing up as one of our everyday heroes? Mr. Rooter is the hero you can call on for your plumbing needs, and here's how you can dress up as him!

Start off with a red dress shirt, pressed and presentation ready. Make sure the Mr. Rooter logo is on the left-hand side so everyone knows just how professional you are!

The next step is your dress pants. While most people would just wear jeans, you need to make sure to wear navy dress pants. These emphasize that you are a professional and that you know what you're doing. Make sure these are ironed, as well! Dress shoes are essential- and extra candy if you can get our shoe covers, too!

The Mr. Rooter hat is essential to our mascot- you should get one too! While it isn't a requirement for our technicians, it's a signature of Mr. Rooter! One of our unpictured requirements is a technicians ID! While you may not be able to get an official one, you can definitely make the blue badge on your own tonight before you go out tomorrow.

This will be your final product, and you'll look as great as our Mr. Rooter!

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