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Farts and Crafts: Toilet Paper Roll Racecar

Looking for a fun craft for the kids? Here's a great craft to keep their attention and provide hours of fun afterwards! The process is simple, but make sure to watch help younger kids with scissors and paint.


  • Toilet paper rolls
  • Paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Glue stick
  • Construction paper


  1. Paint the tubes. If you're planning on letting younger kids do this craft or just want to avoid a mess, you can paint them ahead of time or let everyone color their cars with markers instead of paint.
  2. While the tubes are drying, cut out black circles for wheels (4 for each car) and smaller white circles to go inside them. Glue the white circles on the middle of the black ones.
  3. Once the tubes are dry, glue wheels on, holding them until the glue dries. The glue stick will be strong enough to keep the wheels on the car, but if you want the end project to be sturdier, you can use a hot glue gun or brads to attach the wheels.
  4. With scissors or a box cutter, cut a flap from the top of the car for a seat. This is a great addition that will encourage the kids to keep playing with their cars. The seat opening is the perfect size for Lego figurines or other small toys.
  5. Now it's time to add the details! You can cut numbers or stripes out of construction paper and glue them to your car to add character. There are many options, so be creative-you can use anything from paint pens to glitter to decorate your car.

After the decorations have set, your car is ready to race!

Process adapted from http://www.handimania.com/diy/toilet-paper-roll-race-cars.html.