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New Water Heater Regulations Begin Today!

Today is April 16th. Today is the day that those new federal standards of efficiency will go into effect! Water heater manufacturers will now be required to operate under these updated standards. What does this mean for you? Mr. Rooter is here to provide you with a recap...

Specific Regulations going into effect:

  1. 55-gallon water heaters (the typical minimum size for most existing residential water heaters) will be phased out and replaced with smaller-capacity models with a higher efficiency.
  2. Gas water heaters will incorporate condensing technology, added insulation and electric ignition.
  3. Electric water heaters will incorporate heat pump technology, and added insulation built into the tank, piping and fittings.

How this affects homeowners:

  1. The price of water heaters is inspected to increase by 20 to 40 percent. The cost of water heater installations is also expected to increase.
  2. The new water heater regulations are designed to make water heaters more energy efficient, meaning they will cost you less money over time!
  3. Be mindful that some of these new water heaters (if you opt to have a newer model installed) may need to be relocated to a different part of your house.

Mr. Rooter is here for you! Here is how we can help:

  1. Examine your water heater and look for any potential signs that you may need a new one. If you do decide you need one, don't panic! Call Mr. Rooter and we will help you with this transition.
  2. Determine your water heater's longevity so you can better predict when you need a new one! Take a look at our helpful webpage to learn more!
  3. Give Mr. Rooter a call even if you are not sure and need additional help, we can help answer any of your questions! Contact Mr. Rooter today !

Questions to ask yourself:

Q: Do I know what type of water heater I have?

A: Just check our handy-dandy infographic on our webpage to help or call a Mr. Rooter plumber today!

Q: How long do I have?

A: This will be determined in part by the type of water you have, you can refer to our webpage or give one of our expert plumbers a call!

Q: I know what type of water heater I have and it seems to be working properly. Do I still need to upgrade?

A: Eventually. If your water heater is functioning properly you can keep that one until it quits on you. However, be prepared to pay a higher price next time you a buy a new water heater. Also keep in mind that it may need to be installed in a different place.

Q: Are these water heaters really that big of a deal?

A: They are more energy efficient so ultimately they will end up saving you more money in the long run. Keep in mind there may be additional costs when it comes to maintenance for these heaters.

Q: I still have a lot of questions about these new regulations. Who can I talk to?

A: Give us a call! We are here to help! You can also visit our website for additional information. If you are looking for the regulations in detail you might try the U.S Department of Energy's website or Bradford White 's company website .