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Indoor plumbing projects

Indoor Plumbing Projects

From the acoustic serenity of delicately crashing waves to the pacifying pitter-patter of rain, the rhythm of flowing water brings tranquility into our homes. Fortunately, you do not need to wait for a beach vacation or a thunderstorm to enjoy the soothing, natural sounds to drown out the harsh outside world. Aquariums, indoor water gardens and fountains are indoor plumbing projects that can be DIYs or professional installations.


Have you ever wondered why there seems to be an aquarium in nearly every dentist office? Studies have found aquariums help lower blood pressure and calm children with hyperactive tendencies. In addition to stress relief, aquariums also bring color, life and culture into your home. Fill your fish tank with colorful plants, interesting fish and unique décor to match your home (or make it pirate themed?). Aquariums come in an array of sizes and styles, and match the dimensions you have available. Before filling your aquarium, consult with a pet store, fish monger or ichthyologist (fish expert). They will be able to give you accurate information on the compatibility of fish, and the number allowed given the size of your tank.

Indoor Water Gardens

If you don't have the time or ability to tend to the fish in your aquarium, consider an indoor water garden instead. Plants in a water garden are primarily submerged in water, and can grow in any glass container. They require sunlight and maintained water quality, but are a relatively easy aquatic project. Larger indoor water gardens can be grown in indoor ponds and may require additional care.


From the Trevi to the tabletop, fountains provide us with perplexity and peace of mind. Aside from their obvious allure, fountains also bring health benefits when installed inside the home. Flowing water brings with it soothing sounds to ease stress and anxiety. Fountains also serve as natural humidifiers, by bringing moisture into rooms. Electric humidifiers can be loud, and the stagnant water may cause mold and mildew. Indoor fountains range from freestanding sculptures to full-wall waterfalls. Whether you are constructing a fountain of youth, beauty, wealth or fun, consult a professional before beginning any aquatic project, especially inside your home.