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5 Super Bowl Foods Your Drain Doesn't Like

This weekend is the big game, and you're planning on having an even bigger party at your house to celebrate and to watch the game. You've got all the seating you need, and there are three TVs hooked up across the entire house. Your menu is planned, and all the snacks are ready. But what do you do about clean up?

Sure, your disposal is a great place to get rid of the scraps, but some of that waste could clog your pipes! Check out these things that should avoid your drains this weekend.

  1. Grilling for the game? Keep the grease away from the drain. Although it seems like an easy solution, putting the grease down the drain will cause the grease to harden and stick in the pipes. This leads to food build up and clogs.

  2. Wings are a great snack at game time. Wing bones are not good for the disposal. Your incinerator might be strong, but not strong enough to break down bones enough to go down the drain. After gnawing off the last bite of meat, throw those bones into the trash.

  3. If you're having healthier options at the party, make sure to keep the stringy vegetables in the trash, not the disposal. These break down and stop the incinerator. Veggies go better with dip, not pipes!

  4. Are you making potato skins for the team as they're watching the game? Make sure to keep the starchy foods out of the drain, as they typically expand in the water and get stuck as they are moving through the pipes.

  5. Deviled eggs or other egg-based snacks are pretty tasty, but your drain doesn't think that egg shells are tasty. In fact, they get stuck in your p-trap and don't come out! Throw those away; better yet, send them to the compost!

Enjoy your Super Bowl weekend, and as always, enjoy good plumbing!