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Bathroom Reading Month: Part 2

Have you ever thought about how much time you spend in the bathroom? If you make five trips per day and spend an average of five minutes per trip, that's almost three hours per week, or nearly 152 hours per year! You probably didn't know you were flushing that much time down the toilet!

Here's the good news: trips to the loo don't need to be a waste of time. If you download the right apps on your phone, bathroom breaks can be downright educational. Find the top apps for Android and iOS to enlighten your mind during bathroom breaks.


This mobile app is full of games to test your brain. Devised by neuroscientists, Lumosity continually funds ongoing research to provide a better experience for people who want to develop their memory and attention. The exercises found within this app challenge your cognitive abilities and help your brain grow. How's that for a good use of your time in the bathroom?

Find it for free on Google Play and iTunes.

Elevate - Brain Training

As another app to exercise your brain, Elevate focuses on sharpening your skill set, from memory and speech to math skills and information processing. A personalized training program adjusts over time to maximize your results.

According to the app's description, users who train at least three times per week see great improvement and increased confidence. The best part is you don't even feel like your training your brain because it's all done through entertaining games. You need a subscription to access the full version.

Find it on Google Play and iTunes.


If you have always wished you had time to take a college course just for the fun of learning, you need to try Coursera. This free app connects you with online courses from more than 115 universities across the world. Join courses and watch lectures anytime, anywhere (including the bathroom). Topics range from data science and computer programming to nutrition and psychology.

Find it for free on Google Play and iTunes.


Gain access to presentations from today's top leaders in fields such as education, technology, medicine, music and business. Sift through thousands of inspiring TED Talks lectures to feed your curiosity on the subjects that interest you most. The app is updated regularly with the most recent videos.

Find it for free on Google Play and iTunes.


Want to be the first to know when we encounter alien life? Then download the NASA App to keep up to date with NASA's latest missions and discoveries. Browse through more than 14,000 images collected by satellites and rovers, stream live NASA TV, access launch information and countdown clocks, and generally stay informed of everything related to space exploration.

Find it for free on Google Play and iTunes.


If you've always wished you could speak another language, now's your chance! Babbel lets you discover new languages in just a few minutes every day - perhaps the amount of time you spend in the bathroom. Choose from 13 different languages and tailor your learning goals to fit your needs. You're required to have a Babbel subscription to access all courses and features, but the chance to speak to your new neighbors from Sweden could be well worth it!

Find it on Google Play and iTunes.

Who knew downloading the right apps could let you train your brain, watch lectures and learn a new language, all from the porcelain throne? Check back for Bathroom Reading Month: Part 3 when we share which educational magazines to keep by the toilet.