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Courtesy Month

March is National Courtesy Month, which is arguably Mr. Rooter's favorite month! Being a gentleman and leading a courteous life is one of the most important values to Mr. Rooter. Not only is he a courteous plumber, but he also lives a courteous life day-to-day. Here are some ways that Mr. Rooter does this (and ways that you can do it, too!).

Be Polite

A courteous person is also a polite person. They remember to have manners when talking with others, and they know how to be considerate of others with everything they do. Sometimes it feels like being polite has fallen to the wayside, but a Mr. Rooter plumber is always polite, no matter what.

Be Kind

A courteous person keeps in mind that other people might be having a hard day at that time. During Courtesy Month, try to think about others with everything that you do. In that, be kind and loving to everyone that you encounter. You never know when one little action will change someone's day. (Check out our Random Acts of Kindness blog for some inspiration here!)

Be Respectful

A courteous person is respectful of everyone, no matter who they are and what their situation is. Mr. Rooter plumbers are respectful to their customer, respectful to their colleagues, and respectful to everyone they see on a day-to-day basis.

Be Professional

Being courteous is the Mr. Rooter difference. Not only are Mr. Rooter technicians skilled experts in the plumbing field, but they also know how to be a courteous professional with every job they perform. Plumbers are there to save the day and help a customer in a trouble situation, and that takes a true professional to not only fix the problem, but to do it in a courteous manner.

Join Mr. Rooter in being extra courteous this month. You never know what kind of difference you'll make!