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Halloween Fun with Faucet Insulators

By Maggie Saint John

Colder weather and dropping temperatures bring the threat of frozen and bursting pipes. Many homeowners protect outdoor pipes from freezing with a Styrofoam cover. These outer shells can help shield pipes and reduce the risk of costly broken pipe repairs this winter season. Although practical and a necessity for pipes, these insulating shells can be boring.

If you don't want to scare your trick-or-treaters and guests with a faucet cover eyesore, try some of these fun decorating ideas:

  • Spider Webs

Creep guests out with fake, stretchable spiders webs adorning the faucet cover! These Halloween spider webs can be purchased at any party or craft store during the festive season. Drape the webbing over your faucet cover and let it hang down or cling to nearby bushes. The white web is spooky and will easily hide any slip or cover. Buy plastic spiders and stick them on the web to create a more realistic and scary look!

  • Skull and Faucet

Halloween is not complete without your classic skull and cross bones decor. Take faucet cover decorating to a whole new level by concealing your outdoor pipe covers with a creepy skull. To decorate, cut out the back of an inexpensive plastic skull from your local dollar store, and slip the cover into the back of the skull. The faucet insulation and covering will be hidden inside the cranial cavity of the skull. For an added festive look, select a glow in the dark skull! This will surely spook guests and is a great way to decorate for the holiday.

  • Spooky Spider Milk Jug

This craft is easy to make and is a fun way to hide your faucet insulation. Follow these easy steps to create a large spider out of an old milk jug: (1) Take a milk jug and cut a hole in the bottom. This will allow you to slide the spider right over the insulation cover. (2) Using black duct tape, cover the entire milk jug. (3) Attach black pipe cleaners bent in half to resemble the spiders crawling to the sides of the milk carton. You can poke them into the carton or tape them with the black duct tape to the side of the milk jug. (4) Paint yellow eyes on the front and make a fun design on the spiders back. And "voila!", you have the perfect spider decoration!

Have fun dressing up your faucets insulators in their very own Halloween costumes that will not only keep them concealed, but also festive!