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How to Avoid Scary Pipes

Halloween has been celebrated for centuries, though the meaning behind it has changed quite a bit over the years. Instead of focusing purely on honoring the dead or wearing costumes to ward off ghosts, today's version of Halloween is a fun community-based event, hopefully filled with more treats than tricks.

Of course, things can get a little nasty if your plumbing backs up in the middle of your festivities. Here are the top three tips to avoid scary pipes this Halloween.

Keep Pumpkin Guts Out of the Sink

In Victorian times, Jack-o-lanterns were carved in hopes of protecting the home from goblins and evil spirits. Whether you believe in this superstition or not, there's one thing Jack-o-lanterns definitely don't protect against: plumbers. In fact, they attract just as many plumbers as trick-or-treating vampires and witches if you attempt to dispose of their gooey guts down the disposal.

It's easy to mistake pumpkin innards as disposal-safe, but their soft, stringy texture hardens in the plumbing, choking off the drainpipes and leading to a backed up sink. Rather than carving pumpkins directly in the sink and shoving the pulp down the drain as you go, it's better to lay newspaper out on the table and throw all pumpkin-related items in the compost pile or trashcan.

It's also worthwhile to separate out the seeds and roast them for a tasty treat. You can also save the seeds until you can plant them in the spring to produce next year's Halloween pumpkins.

Insulate Exposed Pipes

Freezing temperatures typically arrive sometime around Halloween. Are your pipes ready? Adding insulation is the best way to prevent an overnight freeze from causing a horror show of burst pipes in the morning.

Don't Ignore Spooky Pipes

If banging, squeaking or squealing plumbing makes your home sound like a haunted house, don't call an exorcist; call Mr. Rooter® to come take a look. Our experienced plumbers know just what to do to calm down your poltergeist-like pipes.

Maybe your plumbing is spooky, not because of the sounds it makes, but because of the odors it gives off. Does the smell coming from the garbage disposal make you think the undead have invaded your kitchen? The stench is enough to ruin anyone's appetite, even without touching the bulging bag of Halloween candy. Make sure to have mysterious odors looked by a professional plumber.

Halloween is scary enough without getting your plumbing involved! Be sure to follow these tips from Mr. Rooter and have a happy, safe Halloween free of plumbing disasters.