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Rolls Repurposed: Halloween Gift Box

By Maggie Saint John

Halloween season is synonymous with giving and receiving candy. A repurposed toilet paper roll is the perfect way to hand out sweet treats to family, friends and loved ones. This do-it-yourself craft is cute and environmentally responsible.

Follow these easy, step-by-step instructions to create the perfect Halloween gift box.

Here's What You'll Need:

  • Toilet paper rolls
  • Construction paper
  • Ribbon, twine or string
  • Permanent marker
  • Masking tape

Step 1

Finding toilet paper rolls around the house should be an easy first step. Collect as many toilet paper rolls (or paper towel rolls and cut in half) that you will need. One toilet paper roll will make one gift box.

Toilet Paper Roll Halloween Craft Step One

Step 2

Next, flatten the toilet paper roll in half by placing it on its side and pushing downward.

Flattened Toilet Paper Roll Craft

Toilet Paper Roll Halloween Craft Step Two

Step 3

After your toilet paper roll has been flattened, then push one side inwards to close off the gap. Starting where the fold is, push one side in at a time. Tape these to ensure they stay closed.

Toilet Paper Roll Craft Folded End

Step 4

Before repeating the previous step with the other side, so that each hole in the paper towel roll is closed, fill the gift box with candy. Tape both ends.

Toilet Paper Roll Craft Closed Fold

Toilet Paper Roll Halloween Craft Step Four

Step 5

Now, it is time to decorate! Using your construction paper and craft supplies, get creative. Cut out a template online of spooky spiders, a witch's hat or a jack-o'-lantern and print it on to your gift box. Wrap with twine or string and attach a Halloween message!

Toilet Paper Roll Halloween Gift Box Craft

Your neighbors, friends and family will love this homemade gift box and the treats you store inside. There are so many ways to reuse and recycle everyday materials like these toilet paper rolls.