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Rolls repurposed

Rolls Repurposed: Toilet Paper Roll/Dryer Lint Fire Starter

Spring is upon us. Soon we will begin to plant flowers, trim hedges, and buy yard art. But....not so fast! There is still time for one more fire in your fireplace before it gets too warm.

Fires are notorious for encouraging people to gather around and enjoy nature's harmonious peace while laughing and telling stories with friends.

Instead of using lighter fluid, make a fire starter at home! Though it sounds intimidating, making a fire starter is easy. And if you use our method, you can recycle items you typically throw away, AND save the money you would usually use on an accelerant.


  • Dryer Lint
  • 1 Toilet Paper Roll


Step 1: Take a handful of the dryer lint, and stuff the toilet paper roll.

Step: 2: Turn the roll on its side, and push the lint down into the roll. Then fill with more dryer lint.

Your fire starter is ready to be used! When you go to make your fire, place the fire starter next to a log in the middle of the wood pile.

Cleaning out your dryer vent is also a great way to PREVENT fires in the home. Have fun and be safe!

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