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Rolls Repurposed: Back to School Apple

Classes are starting back up soon so why not get your kid into some school spirit? Here is a simple craft idea for your kids that they’re sure to enjoy.

Repurposed TP Roll Back to School Apple

Supplies needed:
* Toilet paper roll
* Red and green construction paper
* Tape
* Scissors
* Ruler

TP Roll Repurposed - Apple

Step 1
Take your ruler and pencil in 6 strips on the red construction paper. You want 3 strips to be 9 inches in length and 1 inch in width. You want the other 3 strips to be 5 inches in length and 1 inch in width. Once you have your strips penciled in, begin cutting them out.

TP Roll - Repurpose as Apple

Step 2
Once you have all of your red strips cut out, begin taping them to the toilet paper roll.

Apple - TP Roll Toilet Roll Apple CraftToilet Paper Roll Craft - Folded Apple Paper

Step 3
Once you have all of your red strips taped to the toilet paper roll, draw a leaf on the green construction paper and cut it out. You can also fill in the leaf’s veins with a black market to give it a realistic effect. Once you have your leaf, tape it on the top of a red strip.

Apple Craft - Paper Leaf

Your kids now have their very own back to school apple. If you enjoyed this blog and want to try out more of our DIY toilet paper crafts, then visit our Rolls Repurposed Series on Mr. Rooter!