Toilet Roll Dinosaurs Crafts

Toilet Roll Dinosaurs Crafts

Turn your toilet paper roll into a dinosaur with this prehistoric craft! We are going to reuse this common household item and recycle it into a diplodocus and a triceratops. Before you start you will need to have some supplies on hand:

  • Two toilet paper rolls
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Paint
  • Paint brushes
  • Sticky googly eyes (or a permanent marker)

Toilet Roll Dino Craft

DINO-MITE Tips before starting:

  • A thicker roll won't get as soggy while painting
  • Washable paint may require multiple coats, depending on how dark the roll is
  • A great alternative to white paint is white corrective fluid
  • Draw on the eyes with a permanent marker if you don't have googly eyes
  • Start with a plain toilet paper roll.
  • Sketch this pattern on the roll.
  • Using scissors, carefully cut the traced outline.

Toilet Roll into a Dinosaur

  • Open up the roll, then crease the head and tail.

Toilet Roll Dinosaur

  • Add paint and eyes for the final touches!

Dino Toilet Paper Roll

  • Sketch this pattern on your roll.

TP Roll Dino Craft

  • Using scissors, carefully cut the traced outline.
  • Bend the tail back and pop the horns up.

  • On the head of the triceratops, Cut two slits to slide the horns through.

  • Slide the head through the slits for a 2-horned triceratops! (We will draw on the third horn.)

  • Paint the body and horn, add the eyes, And there you have it!


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