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Safety-Friendly Bathroom Remodels for Safety at Every Price - Part 2

A safe bathroom doesn't have to be a boring bathroom. Searching for safety-friendly updates can become a time-consuming task, so we've helped narrow it down. See our recommendations below on some key amenities that could make a huge difference in bathroom safety and function for you and your loved ones.

Hand Held Sprayer

This type of showerhead allows you to choose a desired height while allowing flexibility and mobility in the shower. The hand-held sprayer allows you to move the water around, rather than turning their bodies in the shower, which can lead to dizziness. This invaluable function also makes showering while seated easier, and makes cleaning the shower a less cumbersome task.

Linear Drains

A linear drain is an American with Disabilities Act (ADA)-compliant shower feature to consider. This allows a more level slope, which makes it easier to use a wheelchair or shower chair. By eliminated the protruding metal pieces of more traditional drains, you can lower the risk of foot injury. Other benefits include reducing bacteria, eliminating standing water, and ultimately decreasing the chance of slips or falls in the shower. Get more information about linear drains by clicking here.

Accurate Temperature Controls

Have you ever gotten in the shower only to be shocked by the temperature being too hot or too cold? This can be incredibly dangerous! Functional and user-friendly temperature controls are a simple update that can prevent scalding in the shower.

Proper Lighting

This basic and affordable update will significantly enhance the safety and appearance of the bathroom. A new fixture or even a new bulb can dramatically improve visibility . Be aware of any standing or running water as you adjust the lighting; water and electricity do not make a good couple.


Did you know, according to the American Elder Care Research Organization, 370 Americans are injured daily in the bathtub or shower and one-third of those injuries require a hospital visit. The majority of bathroom injuries are from individuals trying to stabilize themselves on shower doors, towel racks and other fixtures that were not designed for this purpose. Installing handrails or textured bars provide an easy-to-grip feature.

Elevated toilet seat

Additional height to the porcelain throne will be a big help to those with hip/knee pain or arthritis. The higher the seat is, the less pressure will be put on your body as you sit. An elevated toilet seat will reduce strain on joints and the chances of an accident! Click here to review more info from allegromedical.com.

Thinking about bathroom safety is important throughout the year and for all ages.Mr. Rooter would love to be your partner as you consider bathroom upgrades and safety features.Click here to see our list of residential and commercial services.