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Blog Posts in July

  • Hand Sanitizer vs Hand Washing

    Keeping your hands clean is an important step for preventing illness and stopping the spread of germs. After all, when dirty hands ...

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  • A Hot Summer Can Put Your Home at Risk for Costly Plumbing Damage

    Summer is here, which means hot, dry weather will be here, too. Did you know summer months put your plumbing and pipelines at risk ...

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  • Toilet 101: Get to Know Your Toilet

    Is a bathroom remodel in your line of sight? You undoubtedly want to replace the toilet as part of the makeover. Get to know a ...

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  • Phones/Tablets vs. Books: Pros and Cons of Reading in the Bathroom

    It’s tradition to take a book or magazine into the bathroom with you. However, with the rise of smart phones, tablets and ...

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