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Potty Training Gadgets

Potty training your toddler is a necessary and sometimes difficult task. However, there’s no reason it can’t also be fun for your child! Check out these potty training gadgets that will help engage your toddler during the process of potty training.

Seat Reducer

A seat reducer or potty training seat is an essential tool for any current potty-trainee. This makes it more comfortable for kids to go to the bathroom. Plus, there are many fun options and designs out there! A colorful seat with your child’s favorite cartoon characters will make the bathroom a fun place for you child. You can view many different options here.

Potty Training Stool

A step stool is another essential tool. A potty training stool will help your toddler reach the toilet easier. This is also a product that comes in many different colors and designs. It’s another great way to add fun to potty training! Check out fun potty training stools here.

Toilet Targets

Toilet targets are perfect for boys who need to learn to aim (of course girls may also get a kick out of them!). They can turn potty training into a game! There are many different designs and targets, including these foam targets and these dinosaur targets.

Toilet Seat Decal

A toilet seat decal is a great way to make the bathroom colorful and fun for your toddler. There are many fun designs, and you’re sure to find one your child will love. This rainbow toilet seat decal comes with reward stickers so your child will be motivated to go to the bathroom.

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