DIY Craft for Your Cell Phone

MR Blog Graphic (Cellphone Holder Charger Station)
A toilet paper roll isn’t only for holding toilet paper. It can also hold your cell phone! Follow these simple tips to repurpose toilet paper rolls into a cell phone holder and charging station!

You will need:

2 empty toilet paper rolls (for this project thick rolls will work better)



A pen



craft supplies

Let us get started!

Start with one empty toilet paper roll.

Measure and mark with a pen a long, thin rectangle that will fit your phone.

Cut out the rectangle with scissors.

toilet paper roll with cutout

Grab the second empty toilet paper roll.

Cut all the way across the roll so it will open up.

cut toilet paper roll

Using the same roll, outline with your pen a square or circle at the top that will fit your phone charger.

Cut out that square or circle!

Place glue on the bottom half of the roll.

toilet paper roll craft

Glue the bottom of this roll to the bottom and back of the first roll.

Wait for the glue to dry completely.

toilet paper roll craft

Paint and decorate your phone holder however you like!

painted toilet paper roll

You now have a new place to store your phone. This can sit on a desk or counter to hold your phone anytime or it can become a charging station for your phone by hanging it from a charger.

toilet paper roll cell phone holder