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This Mother's Day, Create a Kitchen Oasis

Are you searching for a unique gift to give your mom this Mother’s Day? Instead of buying a bouquet of flowers or box of candy, why not offer her something that will last? A kitchen oasis could be the perfect present this year. You don’t have to spend a lot to make a big impact in the kitchen. Here are seven kitchen update ideas to surprise your mom with this Mother’s Day.

Update Old Appliances

Has the microwave been acting up the past few months? Is your mother pining for a fridge with an icemaker? Is the dishwasher’s rackety cycle driving everyone crazy? Sounds like it’s time for a kitchen appliance update, and just in time for Mother’s Day. Shop with a family member to help you pick out the perfect appliance to suit Mom’s tastes.

Replace the Garbage Disposal

A functional kitchen relies heavily on a working garbage disposal. If the one in your mom’s kitchen is jammed, noisy, leaking or smelly, she will undoubtedly appreciate you taking care of the repair or replacement on her behalf. Mr. Rooter® can take a look to determine if an inexpensive repair or part replacement can get the disposal back up and running, or if it’s time to replace the unit altogether.

Put in a Tile Backsplash

Maybe your mother has been talking about updating the kitchen backsplash for years, but she’s simply never gotten around to it. If you want this kitchen update to be a surprise, be sneaky about how you find out her preferred tile layout and colors. Maybe take her to a home improvement store to nonchalantly browse the selection and make a mental note of her favorite patterns.

If you feel capable, install the tile yourself while your dad distracts her with a weekend getaway. You can also hire a tile installer to complete the job professionally. Your mom will love that you surprised her with this kitchen update.

Install a New Faucet and Hardware

That leaky, squeaky, outdated faucet has got to go. Pick out a new one you know your mom will love, such as one with a built-in sprayer or no-touch technology. Then either install the new faucet yourself or hire a plumber to get the job done quickly with no extra effort on your part.

To help the faucet blend in with the rest of the kitchen, consider installing cabinetry hardware in a matching finish. This ties everything together and completes the kitchen update.

Replace the Sink

If a new faucet and hardware aren’t enough, replace the entire kitchen sink. A beautiful new double-basin sink will help make your mom’s kitchen more functional. If you decide to replace the sink yourself, know what to watch out for. If you prefer, you can leave the job to a qualified Mr. Rooter plumber.

Install Pull-Out Shelves

Having enough storage space in the kitchen is vital for its functionality. Help your mom get more out of every inch of under-counter space by replacing ordinary shelves with pull-out versions. This makes storing everything from pots and pans to mixing bowls more efficient for a highly functional kitchen.

Put in a Wine Rack

If your mom loves wine, give her a place to show off her collection. Maybe there’s a bare patch of wall that would look great with a hanging wine rack, or an unused space where you can set a wine cooler. Choose a rack large or small, refrigerated or open to the air, to suit her needs.

For help implementing these kitchen update ideas this Mother’s Day, please contact Mr. Rooter today.