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Self-Improvement Month: Bathroom Recyclables

There are many things in your bathroom that can be recycled. Some items can be tossed into the recycling bin and others you can reuse yourself. Here are a few ideas for DIY projects with some everyday bathroom products.

Bathroom rug: Cut old towels into strips and braid them together to make a new rug. For this project, you would need three large bath towels. Cut them into strips that are about 1.5 inches wide and stack the three ends and sew them together. Once you reach the end of your braid, sew three more pieces onto the braid and continue braiding. Repeat until you run out of towel. Twist the center and wrap it around as you stitch the rows.
Here’s the Pin: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/498140408765971626/

Sink faucets as wall hooks: Remodeling your bathroom and don’t know what to do with those cool vintage faucet knobs? Turn them into hooks! Find an old board and create a hole slightly smaller than the faucet knobs, when you twist the knobs in, they will fit snug and wont fall out. Then attach some wire or string to a Mason jar to make a “handle.” Now you have a new place to store your make-up brushes or cotton balls.
Here’s the Pin: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/150941024990287447/

Shampoo bottles as charging caddies: Instead of throwing it away, use your empty shampoo bottle as a charging caddie for your phone! First, clean the bottles out and peel off the label. Cut the top of the bottle off and then cut a hole near the top to create a place where you can hang your caddie. Then if desired, you could spray paint your new cell phone holder!
Here’s the Pin: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/180144053822383187/

Toilet paper phone holder: Use one of your old toilet paper rolls to create a phone holder! Take an old (clean) toilet paper holder and hold your phone over it so you can trace where it will go. Then cut that space out with scissors or a box cutter. Next, you can paint or add stickers/colored tape to decorate your phone holder. Finally, add four push pins to the bottom of the roll to make little “feet.”
Here’s the Pin: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/237705686560701081/

These crafts are always fun, especially when it helps keep things clean. And if you ever need help with your plumbing, call Mr. Rooter Plumbing.