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Blog Posts in January

  • Toilet seat and bowl with measurement arrows

    How to Quickly Measure for Your New Toilet Seat

    Since it’s not every day you shop for a toilet seat replacement, you may be unaware that there are multiple standard toilet seat ...

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  • Re-purposing toilet paper rolls

    Rolls Repurposed: Get Organized

    Toilet paper rolls have more uses than you may think, especially for organizational purposes. Plus, they are affordable options ...

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  • How to Unclog a Sink in 5 Easy Steps

    How To Unclog a Sink in 5 Easy Steps

    Picture this: you wake up groggy and shuffle into the bathroom. You turn on the faucet to wash your face and brush your teeth, but ...

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  • Prepare for These Three Plumbing Emergencies This Year

    Is your plumbing prepared for another year? If it’s been awhile since you thought about your drains, pipes, and sewer line, now’s ...

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