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Rolls Repurposed: Rustic Desk Organizer

Father’s Day is right around the corner, and what better way to celebrate Dad than to help him get organized? Some of the very best gifts are handmade, so help your child create the perfect gift for Father’s Day with this DIY pencil/pen holder for Dad’s office!

The best part about this craft? Your little one gets to first go on a scavenger hunt for materials! Turn this project into an afternoon of fun and create a rustic gift for dad that he’ll treasure forever.

What you’ll need:

  • Skinny twigs from the backyard
  • Three toilet paper tubes
  • Craft glue/hot glue gun (adult supervision required!)
  • Scissors
  • Cardboard/foam board

toilet roll craft supplies


1. Have your child go on a backyard scavenger hunt for skinny twigs. Aim to find twigs with minimal lumps and bumps – this will be easier when it comes time to glue!

2. Cut your toilet paper tubes to three different lengths. A good variation of length could be cutting off ½ inch, 1 inch and 1.5 inches.

toilet paper roll crafts

3. Glue the tubes together so that the bottoms of the tubes are level. Let the glue dry thoroughly before you continue!

4. Cut a thin strip of cardboard or a straw to the height of each tube. This will help you determine how long your twigs should be.

5. Wipe off twigs to remove any dirt and cut/break them to the length of your guides. Place them in separate piles so you’re organized when it comes time to glue. Don’t be afraid to randomly leave some a little longer – this will create a more natural, rustic look!

6. Beginning with the smallest tube, place glue in small sections and place your twigs, working your way around the tube. Continue this process for the other two tubes. If the twigs are finicky with craft glue, you may find placing a few dots of hot glue to be easier and faster. If you choose to use hot glue for this craft, adult supervision is required!

7. Cut short lengths of twigs to complete the “inner sections” of the tubes. Be sure to let the glue thoroughly dry before moving on.

twigs glued to toilet paper roll

8. Place your pencil holder on your piece of cardboard/foam board and trace around the entire holder. This will create the bottom of your holder to keep your pens/pencils in place. Cut the cardboard/foam board so it is slightly smaller than your outline and glue to the bottom of the holder.

toilet roll with twigs

9. Let all glue thoroughly dry, pop in some fresh pens/pencils for Dad, and enjoy your rustic Father’s Day gift!

toilet paper roll crafts

Special thanks to ZiggityZoom.com for this idea!