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What You Need for a Pre-Holiday Kitchen Remodel

With guests coming for the holidays, now is the perfect time to make some kitchen upgrades. Whether you’re looking for small kitchen remodel ideas on a budget, or you’re ready for a major facelift, you surely want to implement these changes before the rush of holiday cooking begins. Here are five kitchen upgrades you’re bound to appreciate the most during the holidays.

Install a Second Sink

Keeping up with the dishes is one of the trickiest parts about having extended family visit for the holidays. With a second sink and a willing helper, you can clean up in half the time. This kitchen upgrade is also useful for preparing meals. One person can use the main sink to drain pasta while another person uses the second sink to peel potatoes. It’s the perfect remodeling project to maximize your multitasking abilities.

Put in an Island

If your kitchen is large enough to facilitate an island without knocking down walls, this can be a surprisingly affordable kitchen remodel idea. A central island adds valuable counter space, perfect for setting cooling racks of holiday cookies or carving your Thanksgiving turkey.

If you have room in the budget for a custom island, ensure it suits your needs perfectly by choosing the ideal size and storage options. If you need to keep this kitchen remodel on a budget, carts with casters provide portability that could be perfect for your needs. Use the cart as a prep surface in the kitchen. Then, wheel it into the dining room where it can provide a place to set serving bowls so there’s room for everyone at the table. With so many ways to customize this kitchen remodel idea, you’re sure to find something that works for you.

Upgrade Your Countertops

Are you embarrassed to have guests see your scratched, outdated laminate countertops? Since this is one of the most prominent features in your kitchen, upgrading the countertops right before the holidays can have a profound effect on the way your guests view the entire room.

You might choose a beautiful stone, like granite, soapstone, or quartz. If you’re environmentally conscious, you might want recycled glass, concrete, or even paper-based fiber composite countertops. Other popular materials include stainless steel, marble, wood, and bamboo.

Build a Walk-in Pantry

When you need more storage for your holiday feast than you can fit in your cupboards, you know it’s time to build a walk-in pantry. You might not even have to knock down any walls if you have enough space in one corner of the kitchen. Shelves are essential, of course, but you can customize your pantry with other add-ons like lazy Susans, pull-out wicker baskets, vertical slots for storing cookware, and more. With extra storage, the rest of your kitchen will look less cluttered.

Make More Seating in the Kitchen

You might have a formal dining room to facilitate guests, but this could leave you feeling secluded as you prepare food in the kitchen. To help bring the socializing to you, create places for people to hang out. This might include modifying the island to facilitate bar stools or putting a breakfast nook in the corner. With either suggestion, you create an eat-in kitchen that invites visitors to sit, chat, and nibble so you feel more included even as you prepare meals.

If you need a plumber to help you remodel your kitchen in time for the holidays, make sure you choose a licensed professional for the job. Give Mr. Rooter Plumbing a call, and let us know what plumbing-related kitchen upgrades you have in mind!

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